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Marys Guest house is a fantastic place to stay and is located in the hub of the Paraparaumu Community!

Rooms start from a low price of $185 per week for a single room or $200 per week for a ensuite room.



Only 3 minute walk from the train station/buses and a 5 min walk from coastlands, you can get to where you need in only moments.

Rules of The House

Each area of the house has rules which apply to it, and these are posted on the walls for each guest to read.


General rules which apply to all areas are:


• No smoking anywhere in the building.

• Be considerate of other residents at all times.

• No additional guests are to stay overnight unless prior arrangements are made with management.

• You must keep your own room clean. In all communal areas you must clean up after yourself.

• Any noisy activity is to be in the games room.

• Turn heaters, lights, TV and any electrical or gas items off when leaving each room.

• No loud noise after 10.30pm except Friday and Saturday where it's 12pm.